Adam and Eve

The Freedom of Tryfan is obtained by jumping between the massive summit stones of Adam and Eve at the summit of Tryfan.

Gaining the Freedom of Tryfan by jumping between Adam and Eve

Gaining the Freedom of Tryfan by jumping between Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve are huge stones which are the highest point of Tryfan. Sitting on the top of Tryfan’s summit plateau, the stones are 3 metres high, and are set 4 feet apart.

Tryfan – Adam and Eve – the jump

In order to gain the Freedom of Tryfan, you will need to climb one of the stones, then make a Leap of Fath over to the other. Although Adam and Eve are only 4 feet apart, to the direct east side of them is a massive drop off the side of Tryfan. This puts most people off doing the Leap of Faith, as a slip or awkward landing can be lethal.

You only need to make the jump on one direction, although I’ve seen some brave people jumping from Adam to Eve and back again several times.

It is reputed that completing the Leap of Faith successfully gains you the Freedom of Tryfan, which gifts you protection from the mountain gods.

You should be warned that the Leap of Faith between Adam and Eve, while not too difficult (but still scary) in dry conditions, is extremely dangerous in wet or icy conditions as the stones are very polished on top, and are difficult to climb. The jump is also psychologically much harder in clear weather, as you can see directly down to the bottom of the valley below when standing on the top of the stones, which makes you all too aware of the severe exposure of the jump.

Should you try to make the jump, then take appropriate care, and good luck!